Glowing skin with jojoba oil - how jojoba oil affects your skin

Plant seed oils are no longer a novelty in skincare. Natural plant seed oils are excellent ingredients for gentle and effective skincare. In this article we want to present you jojoba oil and explain how this wonderful ingredient affects your skin.

Actually, jojoba oil is incorrectly labeled as "oil". From a chemical point of view, jojoba is a liquid wax. The seeds of the jojoba bush contain a melting wax, which gives the jojoba oil its unique texture. Compared to "real" oils such as coconut oil or argan oil, it is much lighter and therefore suitable for all skin types. Since jojoba oil is very similar to the body's own sebum, it can help people with oily skin by controlling the skin's natural oil production, as well as helping to effectively prevent impurities.

The absolute benefits are hidden in the components of jojoba oil: a valuable cocktail full of vitamins. The vitamin A content ensures that your skin regenerates because it is a booster for cell growth. The result is firmer, healthier skin. Vitamin E powerfully fights against oxidative damage from the sun and other environmental influences. The skin is perfectly protected and it helps to prevent pre-mature aging. And the unsaturated omega-9 fatty acids in jojoba oil are quickly absorbed by the skin and provide extensive care. The effects of jojoba oil are simply impressive!

Because of these many great benefits, we have integrated the wonderful jojoba oil into our Balance Face Oil. The natural skin care caresses your skin and leaves a wonderfully soft feeling. In addition, your complexion is tightened, balanced, and has a healthy glow. Discover the magic of jojoba oil which you can find in our natural Balance Face Oil