Upcycling glass packaging: How you can reuse empty skincare empties

We have made a conscious decision to use glass for our packaging because it is more durable and can be reused many times. However, we are aware that the production of glass has a high environmental footprint. That's why we've launched our own Koko & Clay recycling programme. You can easily collect your empty packaging and send it back to us so we can reuse it. Find out more about our recycling programme here.

But because our glass jars and bottles are not only practical but also super stylish, we would like to share some inspiration below on how you can easily reuse our packaging at home. So don't throw away the packaging after using up your favourite products! We'll show you how to give them a new life. The keyword is: Upcycling!


Upcycling really just means that you find a new use for something old. In this way, you limit your consumption and use less waste. And as a little extra, you also save some money.


Let's get started. Now that you've successfully saved your Skincare empties from being thrown away, it's time to clean them up. Clean the bottles with warm water and liquid soap. You can simply peel off the labels and remove any glue residue with soap or nail polish remover if necessary. You can leave the glass packaging as it is or give it an individual touch and paint it with nail polish or acrylic paint. This is certainly also a nice afternoon activity for children.


💐 Vase

Classic upcycling tip: Use the bottles of our facial oils as vases. With dried flowers or plants, they are a real eye-catcher and since they are small, there is certainly a suitable place for them everywhere. Be it in the bathroom, on the window sill, on the bookshelf or on your bedside table.

Koko & Clay Upcycling Vase
🦱 DIY Hair Oil

Do you like to mix your own oils for your hair and scalp? We do too! A small bottle with a pipette is perfect for this. Besides, the bottles are the perfect travel size... for when travelling is allowed again, of course. Please note that the bottles should be cleaned and disinfected very well beforehand.

💍 Jewellery box

A few earrings on the washbasin, your favorite rings on the nightstand. Somehow every piece of jewellery has its place, but it doesn't seem tidy. Before you throw away your used jar, use it as a jewellery box next time.

🌶 Spice jar

We also have an idea for the chefs among you. You can fill your spices into glass jars and label them with a labelling device. Attention: danger of addiction! The jars bring more structure into your kitchen and are super decorative!

We could go on forever with this list! So you see, there are no limits to your creativity. Especially when it comes to being a bit more conscious with our resources and the environment. Do you have an unusual upcycling idea? Send it to us on Instagram @kokoandclay or link us in your story. We'll be happy to share your upcycling project with our community. We hope that we have been able to inspire you a little and wish you a lot of fun doing it! 🙂

©️Deborah Camara