What is my skin type?

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In order for you to be able to implement an effective skincare routine, it is important to understand your skin and know your individual skin type and how it may change with external factors or seasonality. Taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right products resulting in healthier skin.

Every person’s skin is unique, but there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where your skin fits in the most. What skin type you have is determined by your genes. However, your skin condition can be influenced by both internal and external factors. We differentiate between the following skin types:

👉 Normal, Oily, Combination and Dry.

We are very often asked which face mask is suitable for which skin type. That's why we want to explain the typical characteristics of each skin type and help you determine yours skin at home:

Skin Types

  • Normal Skin

Normal skin is characterized by a balanced complexion. It is neither too oily nor too dry and therefore hardly suffers from skin problems. The skin has a smooth structure and very fine pores. Compared to other skin types, normal skin occurs rather rarely and can mostly be found in younger people. This can change with age, as we tend to have dry skin with increasing age. So if you have normal skin you are really lucky, because this skin type is the least problematic. That means you can devote yourself fully to prevention. Our Smooth Mask gently cleanses your skin and gives it a fresh glow! The pink clay is rich in trace elements and minerals, which are required for a radiant complexion. Pink clay? Right, there are many different types of clay that differ slightly in their benefits.

  • Dry Skin

If you belong to the group of people with dry skin, your skin produces little sebum and tends to redden and flake quickly due to the lack of moisture. The skin appears pale and can be uncomfortably tense, especially around the eyes and mouth. This skin type is very sensitive and is sensitive to external environmental influences. Lack of moisture is a major cause of dry skin, so stay hydrated by drinking enough water. 💦 Our Hero Ingredient Hibiscus, which is a ingredient in our Nourish Mask, provides your skin with intensive moisture and is also a real anti-aging secret weapon. Hibiscus can increase skin elasticity. To intensify the effect, we decided to include white clay in our formulation. It is very fine-grained and is therefore mainly used on dry and sensitive skin. It also revitalizes and soothes the skin and promotes the process of cell renewal.

  • Combination Skin

Dry skin around the cheek and eye area and an oily T-zone? Flaky spots on the cheeks and in the T-zone pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores? If you recognize yourself here, you probably have combination skin. The Cleanse Mask helps you to get your oil production under control by absorbing excess sebum and thus matting the oily areas in a natural way. The sebum production is brought back into balance, toxins are eliminated and thanks to the minerals the skin can regenerate more easily.

  • Oily Skin (+ acne )

Excess sebum production can clog your pores and, above all, make them visible. You are often prone to blemishes like blackheads, inflammation and pimples. Your skin will start to shine quickly, but there is good news too. Your skin looks younger because of your natural moisture and is also less prone to wrinkles. However, oily skin is more prone to acne. In fact, acne is not a skin type, it is a skin condition. So if you suffer from acne, the Cleanse Mask is your holy grail. Highly effective activated charcoal absorbs dirt and bacteria and can thus reduce and prevent inflammation of the skin.


Have you recognized your skin type and can you now focus on a coordinated care routine? Great, we are happy! Please remember that your skin can change over time, with the season and other environmental influences, and so can its needs or your perfect care. So keep an eye on your skin every now and then so that you can adjust your routine if necessary.

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