Water is the source of all life on earth and one of the most precious resources. However, fresh water is scarce - even though our planet is covered in water. Only a tiny fraction can be used as drinking water. On top of this, the climate crisis is increasingly threatening access to clean drinking water.

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to use this scarce resource with care and protect it. By completely removing water from our products we not only aim to save water, but we also aim to challenge our industry and consumers how we use water and offer our customers a more sustainable alternative.

In addition, we constantly make sure to reduce the usage of water in our production processes. We consider the water footprint when selecting our plant-based ingredients and when we source raw materials, and would like to continually strive for improvement.

You will never find microplastics, mineral oil or other synthetic ingredients in our products. We only use ingredients of natural origin. In this way we can avoid polluting our aquatic systems.

We think it's important to give back. That is why we support the non-profit organization Viva con Agua e.V. through a permanent sponsoring membership.

With our donations we support clean drinking water projects. Our sponsoring membership explicitly supports WASH projects in Ethiopia, Uganda and Nepal. WASH stands for Water, Sanitary and Hygiene, projects that improve the living conditions of people in the long-term.

For us, Viva con Agua is a great partner organization that relies on the universal language of music, art and sport to activate people for clean drinking water and to raise donations. We value Viva con Aguas holistic approach towards charity and fundraising.

© Picture1: Stefan Groenveld
© Picture 2-3: Pascal Buenning