Zurück zum Ursprung der Hautpflege

In our #skincareroots series we ask empowering women to explore and share with us where their unique skincare rituals come from. Join us on a journey into the botanicals, colors, and scents of different cultures. With this series we want to emphasize the healing power of nature and cultural traditions that inspire our beauty rituals. As we explore natural ingredients and healing plants used for past generations, we rediscover natural skincare rituals. 

This is the beginning of a conversation and exchange which encourages people all over the world to look into their past and realizing that taking care of our skin is one of the oldest rituals of human kind. Our goal is to empower women from different cultures and celebrate their roots. 

We want to invite them to be conscious about their daily rituals knowing that they are a continuation of centuries of gathering knowledge about natural ingredients and cultural traditions. It’s also a safe space where people can talk about their path to accepting their looks, mothers can exchange about how their skin changed after pregnancy and girls can understand that some of their own rituals they subconsciously observed their grandmothers doing and by repeating them they can stay connected to their family.

As we explore and research natural ingredients used for past generations, our formulas rediscover those ingredients and combine them into powerful formulations. Our skincare is based on different clays, plant oils and active botanicals. We want consumers to understand that natural cosmetics are truly efficient and its worth to stick to what people have used since the very beginning. 

Koko & Clay is taking skincare back to its roots! We celebrate different cultures yet underlining that each of them unites in one ritual: using powerful natural ingredients to nourish and heal the skin.  

For our first episode we asked Roxi Albescu (@roxialbescu) who is a Berlin based Art Director and Graphic Designer with Romanian roots to share her skincare rituals with us and tell us where her connection to natural ingredients comes from. Roxi shared with us beautiful memories about her grandmother and how she inherited  knowledge about natural skincare rituals from her: 

"My grandmother carries with her the stories of the land she worked on every day. Her hands planted seeds, her hands planted flowers. When I think about natural, I think about her."