My journey to healthy skin started in the Indian Ocean

During my biology studies, I spent one semester on La Réunion, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. The tropical climate and humidity made my skin freak out. I quickly felt that it wasn't just my skin that was increasingly worrying me, but also my self-confidence.

At a local market I met an elderly woman who had an immense knowledge of local plants and sold her own natural cosmetics. She recommended a special blend of volcanic ash and vegetable oils. My skin improved within a few weeks.

Meeting this lady made me realize of how much we humans have deviated from the natural origins of skin care over time and how much we have lost confidence in the healing powers of nature. I felt a deeper connection to my North African roots again, because there, too, beauty rituals are deeply rooted in the power of nature.

"“As a qualified biologist, I founded Koko & Clay out of the desire to develop a highly effective skincare line that is good for you and restores your skin to its optimum health. Inspired by the rituals I grew up with and which I was able to discover on my travels. "

Nadia Trabelsi, founder

Your healthy skin journey starts here

Are you stressed about finding effective beauty products? Tired of empty promises, greenwashing and harmful ingredients? Your wallet and your skin are suffering and you have already tested a lot?

We believe skincare shouldn't be like that! Taking care of your skin should be intuitive and easy. The right care and the right rituals can help you reconnect with yourself, your body and the power of nature.

Koko & Clay supports you in making your skin care easier and more effective. The aim is to return to the origins of skin care and the treasures of nature. That is why we make products that are inspired by ancient knowledge about the healing powers of plants and clay.

Taking skincare back to its roots

Do you love skincare? We do too! That's why we make great natural products without any critical ingredients and with the smallest environmental impact.

We spent months on researching ingredients and developing our products. After all, everyone deserves to be healthy: you, your skin and our planet!

Our mission is simple: with 100% natural ingredients, we take you back to the origins of skin care and thus create a basis for healthy skin, healthy self-confidence and a healthy environment.

Striving for more

Our vision is to create a reconnection between people and nature and to initiate a movement that advocates for more: more connectedness, more transparency, more humanity.

You inspire us to develop products, which are tailored to your needs. We should all have the opportunity to feel comfortable in our own skin. That is why our credo is: healthy instead of perfect skin!

We believe in inclusion and representation and want everyone to feel welcome. We question the mainstream concept of “beauty” and will develop it into something in which everyone feels seen, heard and understood.