The effects of squalane for healthy and glowing skin

Nature is unfathomable: time and again it provides solutions to our everyday problems and challenges. This is also the case with skin care. With natural ingredients, we care for our skin in a gentle and deeply effective way. Today we would like to introduce you to a special ingredient: Squalane. Never heard of it? We explain why squalane is so valuable for facial care.

Squalane is a cosmetic active ingredient that is transparent, odourless and liquid. In its function, it is reminiscent of sebum, which our skin produces on its own. Sebum is there to supply our skin with moisture. But if the skin is disturbed, for example by hormonal changes, the production of sebum can be disturbed: The skin is underutilised and can become oily or dry. Squalane helps your skin to find its balance again. It aims to support the skin's own lipids. As a very powerful antioxidant, it prevents free radicals from attacking the skin. Such metabolites strip the skin of its moisture and can promote the formation of wrinkles even at an early age. Squalane thus ensures that large amounts of moisture are stored in the skin by warding off free radicals.

The cosmetics industry used to extract the natural active ingredient from shark livers. In the meantime, however, the industry has gone a step further and can use alternatives. For example, squalane can be obtained from the olive - without animals having to die for it. Important: Squalane should not be confused with squalene! It is often mistakenly assumed that squalane also occurs naturally in our skin. This is not the case. Instead, squalene is meant here, a main component of our skin barrier. But squalene is not suitable as a cosmetic active ingredient, because in such a form squalene is an oxidant, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve in skin care.

Back to squalane: In facial care, squalane works particularly well in combination with other regenerating and moisturising ingredients. We at Koko & Clay have therefore added squalane to our Balance Face Oil. The squalane we use is a by-product of the olive oil industry. So we can assure you that we only use vegan squalane, which is also a zero-waste product. In combination with jojoba oil, vitamin E and other great ingredients, the squalane in our oil ensures that your skin remains elastic, supple and optimally moisturised. Tired skin becomes healthy, radiant skin! Test it yourself and discover our natural Balance Face Oil!