Share your #skincareroots - with Claudia (Nyansa)

Claudia or on Instagram @nyansa.bln is a vegan food blogger and content creator based in Berlin. She cooks a vegan afro-fusion cuisine which combines delicious European and West African recipes. Her motto is "Keep it Natural from the inside out".

When we asked Claudia about her #skincareroots, from where she got the knowledge to take care of her skin naturally and the rituals around it, she responded:

"Skincare has always been a huge topic for me and my mum. The products I am using have been passed down from generation to generation. The key ingredients/products I‘m using are sheabutter and blacksoap.

My mum always wanted me to use natural products, she’d always tell me how beautiful my skin is and that I shouldn’t neglect or bleach it, because people might say I’m „too“ dark.

I loved how she would tenderly put sheabutter on my face and school me about the products she’s using for my skin and how precious I look, when my skin starts glowing after applying them.

When I started to buy new products with fragrances from conventional shops the structure of my skin changed and I started to break out like crazy. I’d blame it on everything but the products...

I had to remind myself of where I came from (products) and listen to my skin, and it took me back home to the products I grew up with. Thank you for making me reflect on my skin journey!"

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Picture top: Sundus Photography / bottom: Claudia Reudelsdorf