Skincare Layering - the right order for your skincare routine

In welcher Reihenfolge sollte Hautpflege angewendet werden?

Are you still trying out which skincare routine works best for you and your skin? Or are you often a little unsure in which order you should use which product? Toner, serum, cleanser, oil, and moisturizer - what comes first? No problem, we will help you!

Well-selected ingredients are essential for the effectiveness of skincare products. However, the order in which we use products does not play an insignificant role in whether they can release their full power. Because products can also inhibit each other and act like barriers on each other.

In skincare we fundamentally differentiate between hydrophilic and lipophilic products. Hydrophilic products are formulated with water-loving ingredients and therefore have a high-water content. As a result, lipophilic products are rich in fats and oils. The following golden rule applies:Golden rule ab:

"Start with the thinnest consistency and work your way up to the oils and rich creams."

This way, the light formulations and active ingredients can be better absorbed by your skin and develop their full effect.

Secondly, we would like to recommend the following to you:

"Let products sink in for about 30 seconds to take full effect between each layer."“

This allows the great benefits of your holy grails to unfold better. Don't worry, you don't need a timer! Just enjoy the moment and me-time. Caring for your skin should be fun, so relax and enjoy the feel of the products on your skin.

In addition, it should be noted that caring for the skin in the morning differs in several steps from caring for the skin in the evening. The morning routine is all about protection from the sun and other environmental influences. We therefore recommend using certain serums, such as retinol or chemical peelings, in the evening. At night, our skin should also be thoroughly cleaned and freed from sun protection, make-up and dirt. So what is the best step-by-step sequence?

HOW TO USE - The right layering

Graphik Skincare Layering
Step 1: Cleansing
Thoroughly wash your face with a gentle cleanser and free it from dirt, make-up, and sun protection. With your facial cleanser, make sure that it cleanses the skin thoroughly, but does not irritate or dry it out. A clean face is the foundation of an effective skincare routine. In the morning we recommend cleaning the skin with water only, if you absolutely cannot do without a facial cleanser, then it is best to choose a gentle oil cleanser.

Step 2: Mask

Apply one of our face masks to deeply cleanse your skin and supply it with important minerals. The Koko & Clay face masks are gentle enough to be used 2-3 times a week. You can skip this step on the days when you are not using them.

Step 3: Toner

If you are using a moisturizing toner, it should be applied after cleansing. Toners remove the last stubborn dirt, bring your pH back into balance after washing and prepare your skin for the next steps.

Step 4: Serum

Serums are water-based products and, as we learned above, should be applied before oil-based products. This allows certain active ingredients, such as vitamin C or niacinamide, to penetrate deep into the skin and develop their full effect. The special thing about serums is that the individual active ingredients are present in very high concentrations and you can therefore achieve results quickly. Serums are used to eliminate certain skin problems and should always be used with an additional cream and oil.

Step 5: Face Oil

Now you can apply a face oil to the slightly damp skin. The oil forms an emulsion with the water on your skin and can be more easily absorbed by the skin. Simply spread a few drops of water on your face with your hands. Don't forget your neck and décolleté. Massage the facial oil into your skin. The massage has an additional care and mindfulness effect. The active ingredients are worked into the skin and blood circulation is stimulated. You can use a face oil daily, morning, and evening. Do you already know our popular Balance Face Oil? Balance Face Oil.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Then use a day or night cream. We recommend using the face oil before the cream so that the active ingredients of the oil can be absorbed into the skin and do their work there. However, if you have particularly dry skin, then it is advisable to use the moisturizer first and then to seal the moisture in the skin with a facial oil.

☀️ Morning Step 7: SPF

We can't talk enough about the importance of sun protection for your skin! Your skin will thank you, trust us.

🌙 Add-on: Eye Care

The skin under the eyes is very thin and needs special attention. Take 1-2 drops of our Radiance Oil and massage it in with your ring finger.

Finally, a little piece of advice: listen to your skin! Remember that your skin is unique. Regardless of what experts say, figuring out what works for you is important!

👉 We hope that with this article we were able to answer some of your questions and have taken away your uncertainty. We hope you enjoy your new skincare routine. Shop our products here. 😊

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